Experience Copenhagen on your own
If the want to take a trip on the water on your own, you are able to come rent a kayak from us.

We rent kayaks from our locations at Amager Strandpark and Kalvebod Bølge.

Rent of kayak or SUP
Rent Single sit-on-top kayak per. hour              150, – DKR
Rent double sit-on-top kayak per. hour             200, – DKR
Rent seakayak per. hour                                   150, – DKR.
Rent kayak per. day                                           500, – DKR.
Rent SUP per. hour                                            150, – DKR
There are no rental from Christianshavn

Come by on the day and hear about your options to rent a kayak or more. If it is a weekend, please contact us at 40 50 40 06, to hear about our kayak avaliability.

Contact Kalvebod Bølge on tel: 28 75 11 11

Contact Amager Strandpark on tel: 36 15 16 10

SUP rental takes place only on Amager Beach