Experience Copenhagen on your own
If you want to take a trip on the water on your own, you can rent kayaks from us, no certificate is needed.

We rent kayaks from our locations at Amager Strandpark and Kalvebod Bølge.

Rent of kayak or SUP
Rent Single sit-on-top kayak per hour              195, – DKR
Rent double sit-on-top kayak per hour             300, – DKR
Rent seakayak per hour                                   195, – DKR.
Rent kayak per day                                           580, – DKR.
Rent SUP per hour                                            195, – DKR

Come by on the day and hear about your options to rent a kayak or more. If it is a weekend, please contact us at 40 50 40 06, to hear about our kayak avaliability.

Contact Kalvebod Bølge on tel: 28 75 11 11

Contact Amager Strandpark on tel: 36 15 16 10

SUP rental takes place only on Amager Beach