Lagoon tours in Amager Strandpark


Lagoon tours in Amager Strandpark

Experience a wonderful guided tour of Amager Beach Park’s lagoons. This is a great opportunity to get a nice trip on the water while you learn the kayak’s movements in a safe and calm manner.

Amager Beach is the new natural pearl in Copenhagen. The recreational areas with dunes and lagoons are cozy and already a favorite place to many people . The lagoon is perfect for a tour in the kayak. The tour around the lagoon is 4.6 kilometers long and the lagoon is 400 meters at its widest point.

Experience from your kayak the vibrant atmosphere the beach park has to offer. The tour takes place in slow tempo, where theres alot of time to talk and socialize.

1 ½ hour: 295,- DKR. per. person.
2 hours: 345,- DKR. per. person


NEW: We now offer guided tours of SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards)
Want to try SUP, you now have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the lagoons at Amager Strand. We provide all the necessary equipment. You will be guided by one of our talented instructors who provides an easy introduction to the sport as you paddle along the lagoons in the beach park.

Take your girlfriend, friend, or family with you to experience something new on the water!

1 ½ hour: 295,- DKR. per. person.
2 hours: 345,- DKR. per. person.

Don’t forget it is also possible to rent SUP’s and Kayaks at the Amager Beach park.