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Booking of trips and kayak polo

NOTE: If you would like to book an event which is less than 3 days from today’s date, please contact us by mail: or phone +45 4050 4006

Kayakpolo, Booking instruction

  •  Start with selecting a date for your event in the calendar below.

Kayak polo: When booking a game of kayak polo there must be at least 1 free hour in the calendar.

Guided tours in Christianshavn: Guidet tours must be booked through this link – click here

If you wish to book a 3 hour tour or a tour in a different time than those listed, please call us (+45 40504006) or contact by mail: Our office is open weekdays from May 1st to October 1st   from 10:00 - 16:00.



Please note: When you book you accept following terms !

Rules of cancellation:

If you cancel 30 days before the event nothing will be charged.

If you cancel between 14 days and 30 days before, you pay half the amount.

If you cancel later then 14 days you pay the whole amount.

For all types of events, if you reduce the number of participants less than a week before the arrangement, announced or not, does not justify a reduction in or refund of the full price of arrangement. Also if you wish to change the time or duration less than a week before, you will be charged a fee of 375,- DKK.

Please notice that we take security very seriously, so intoxicated people will be excluded from participating in the tours.  

Cancellation on the part of Kajakhotellet:
Basically, we never cancel. Our motto is: There is never bad weather – only bad attire. On the trips we will find shelter under the bridges if rain should occur. However, with storms or lightening and thunder and if the instructor evaluates that it is irresponsible to carry out the activity, a credit voucher is given that can be used later in the season.

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